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Kip Thorne's Height: 5ft 6 ⅞ (1.7 m)

Last updated at June 23, 2019

Kip Thorne

Kip Thorne


Kip Thorne is a renowned American scientist whose work was an inspiration for the Hollywood movie ‘Interstellar’. To know more about his childhood, profile, timeline and career read on

Also Known As Kip Stephen Thorne
Date of Birth June 01, 1940
Born in Logan
Age 81 years old
Height 1.7 m
Height in feet 5ft 6 ⅞
Sun Sign Gemini
Awards 2009 - Albert Einstein Medal 1967 - Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences US & Canada
Education 1962 - California Institute of Technology, 1965 - Princeton University
Father D. Wynne Thorne
Mother Alison Thorne


Kip Thorne Kip Thorne